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Saxifraga on a Vertology living wall

To create any wall, we go through a simple process to determine all the relevant factors.  This may consist of the following stages:

  • Initial discussion to discuss site conditions and potentials
  • Size/budget assessment
  • Visit to assess site conditions and logistics
  • Final estimation/acceptance of costs
  • Design of wall/panel layouts, irrigation setup/position
  • Plant selection and design
  • Viridiwall panel assembly and planting in Vertology greenhouse
  • Installation of Irrigation and backing boards etc
  • Testing of irrigation
  • Fitting of pre-grown Viridiwall® panels to wall
  • Fabrication and/or fitting of fascia (usually by others)
  • Initiation of an agreed maintenance schedule
Private client walls UK

We can work directly with the client, or through an agent such as an architect, designer or contractor.  From a design perspective, best results are generally achieved when we can have a direct conversation with the ultimate client, as we can then taylor the design to their requirements.  Installation may be directly carried out by Vertology, project managed by us, or carried out by one of our approved installers.

Commercial walls UK

We again prefer to deal with design elements directly with the client, or to closely liaise with their representative; installation will usually be undertaken by an approved installer.

International projects

Due to the need for pre-growing panels, international walls require collaboration with a local contractor who has the required facilities, high calibre of work and horticultural standards and a strong interest in delivering living walls to their region.  Where logistics allow, projects in Europe may be serviced from the UK.


We allocate an approved installer to carry out maintenance of all our walls; we are also always available to troubleshoot any issues.  It is essential to think about the long-term care of your wall, not just the installation.  Good maintenance will show in the health and vibrancy of the wall over time. For smaller and/or domestic walls, we can provide training in care and maintenance directly to the green-fingered client.