Viridiwall™ living wall system

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Viridiwall® is a modular hydroponic living wall system - it is the outcome of a decade of experience designing and trialing green wall systems (see about us).  Viridiwall® has been designed with optimal drainage properties and increased air/water balance, essential for healthy roots and active microbial activity, the heart of a plants ability to clean air.  We have also rationalised panel sizes and plant spacing, for flexible easy design and aesthetics.

Hydroponic-based green wall systems are inherently more stable for plants than compost systems because they are not dependent upon the growing medium for nutrient supply, only for anchorage.  A balanced range of macro and micro nutrients are auto-dosed into the water, which is supplied via pressure compensated drippers.

Our hydroponic growing medium - using two specific grades of horticultural mineral fibre - has a zero cation exchange, meaning it does not bond mineral salts into its structure, which would otherwise cause a build up of salinity.  Our medium also has advantages over felt-based hydroponics, which retain very little moisture and require considerably more water per day. Typically, the Viridiwall® uses under 1 litre/m2/day, making it possibly the lowest water-use living wall system available.

The use of compost as a growing medium for living walls has its limitations.  Compost is designed as a temporary growing medium for plants.  As a consequence, plants do less well in the longer term as compost becomes degraded and salinity can occur due to a high cation exchange (ionic bonding).  Compost is also prone to settlement, decreasing air supply and erosion by wind and rain (most compost systems have an open front face).  Soil-grown plants expend 60% of their energy searching for food via root growth, hydroponic plants expend less energy as all nutrients are directly available.

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Viridiwall panels being planted

Viridiwall® panels being planted in the greenhouse

Viridiwall Hydroponic Modular Living Wall System

Viridiwall® panels just planted

Viridiwall living wall system

Viridiwall® living wall panel system

Viridiwall® living wall system is available with two grades of rockwool (indoor/outdoor) and in 9 panel sizes, plus external corners and top-box units, making layout extremely versatile - walls can generally come to within 150mm of any desired dimension. Plant spacing and panel sizes have also been rationalised to keep consistancy across the range.  The panel layout below shows the versatility of the system.

Example viridiwall panel layout

Topbox units move planting at the top of the wall onto the vertical plane.

Topbox unit