Viriditrough trailing wall system

Viriditrough is a modular hydroponic plant wall system designed for trailing plants. Designed as a more reliable and versatile form of ivy screens, the system can utilize a wide variety of trailing ivies and other plants to economically cover a wall with trailing foliage.

Hydroponic-based green wall systems are inherently more stable than compost systems because they are not dependent upon the growing medium for nutrient supply, only for anchorage.  A balanced range of macro and micro nutrients are auto-dosed into the water, which is supplied via pressure compensated drippers controlled by one of our basebox™ units. Conventional ivy screens use a small pocket of compost medium and seem to get exhausted after just a few years.

Our hydroponic growing medium for this system is a lightweight aggregate made from recycled glass. It has high porosity and retains an excellent air-water ratio for plant health, better than expanded clay or Rockwool. As the medium has a huge surface area it also makes it an exceptionally good home for bacteria, which due most of the work in absorbing and converting harmful pollutants in the air. This system is therefore considered highly efficient at removing particulate matter as well as NOx, VOCs and of course, CO2.

Due to the simple and robust design and the wider spacing of plant modules this system is more cost-effective than a traditional living wall. On larger walls the spacing between horizontal rows can be increased to maximise economy without compromising the overall effect.

Viriditrough Hydroponic Trailing Plant Wall System

Mature Viriditrough panels planted with Hedera helix Wonder


Viriditrough trailing plant wall system

Unlike conventional ivy screens, which come with just one variety of Hedera, we can use a wider selection, such as some of the many variegated forms, or those with an interesting or unusual leaf shape. We can also use some varieties of trailing Rubus (blackberry family - thornless varieties). Other plants such as clematis and honeysuckle are undergoing trials to ascertain their suitability.

Viriditroughs planted with a variegated ivy

Viriditroughs planted with a variegated ivy

Viriditrough planted with Rubus Betty Ashburner

Viriditrough planted with Rubus Betty Ashburner