Shrubwall shrub wall system

Shrubwall is a modular hydroponic plant wall system designed for growing shrubs. Designed to bring a new palette of plants to the vertical landscape, the system utilises a similar hydroponic aggregate with base reservoir as the Viriditrough but with a 9.5 litre capacity.

We use hydroponics as they are inherently more stable than compost systems although the troughs can be planted using a range of mediums, or even planted on site, where time does not allow for pre-growing. Water and nutrients are supplied via pressure compensated drippers controlled by one of our basebox™ units.

With this system utilizes a range of smaller-growing shrubs suitable for vertical greening that are familiar in the landscape but which typically grow too large to be used in a conventional living wall system. We aim to give landscape architects and designers the method to continue their horizontal landscapes up onto the vertical.

Due to the simple and robust design and the wider spacing of plants this system is cost-effective to use, yet will give a unique and striking appearance and contribute a new dimension to urban green infrastructure.

Shrubwall Hydroponic Living Wall System

Shrubwall troughs planted with a range of evergreen shrubs (first season of growth).

Shrubwall living wall system

Shrubwall living wall system

Consisting of a series of uniquly designed and patent-pending troughs, combined with a carefully selected lightweight aggregate and base reserviour, the troughs are low water-use and economical.

Shrubwall planted with Brachyglottis

Shrubwall planted with Brachyglottis and Pittosporum

Shrubwall planted with Escallonia

Shrubwall planted with Escallonia and Rosmarinus