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Design begins once we have assessed the parameters of site aspect and suitable plant selection.  At Vertology, Mark Laurence is the principal designer, and he has designed many iconic walls in the UK and abroad.  This is where the technical ability of a system and the horticulture meets art and design.

Once the wall size is known , a panel layout is designed.  Wall shapes can be reasonably complex:

viridiwall panel layout design


A planting design is then overlaid.  The concepts for this may derive from any number of things; desires of the client, corporate graphics, building design influences, etc.  In all this, the way that plants grow on the wall must be considered carefully as this may, over a period of time, affect any patterned design.

living wall plant design

The final design for this project ran the planting flows against the direction of the sloped wall, which was on the side of an escalator.

escalator living wall

The finished wall

living wall concept designs

Three concept designs for a project, a living wall with cantilevered steps to the front.

living wall plant design

12m living wall to escalators Hamar Norway

escallaror green wall Hamar