About us

ferns on a Vertology green wall

Our beliefs

We believe that vertical greening has a vital role to play in creating sustainable urban environments.  Living walls contribute real and ever more tangible benefits in terms of ecosystem services and biophilia.  We come from a background (of over 30 years) promoting and designing sustainable landscapes - it is at the heart of everything we do and living walls apply this same philosophy to the vertical plane.  Vertical grey spaces have become a realistic opportunity for future city landscapes, in which to create urban ecosystems and fulfill our biophilic connections to nature.

Vertology is designer, manufacturer and patent-holder of the Viridiwall® living wall system.  Co-founded by Mark Laurence and Georgia Campling in 2013, it builds upon a decade of international experience in designing living wall systems and installations.  In 2007, Mark conceived of and co-founded Biotecture, where he developed and co-patented the Biowall system.  There Mark designed many of the UK's most iconic walls - see www.marklaurence.com.  The Biowall system is currently licensed for use by Biotecture UK, Sage Vertical Gardens USA and Proscape UAE.


Viridiwall® has made subtle but significant improvements over the original system and is subject to new patents-pending.  Viridiwall® living wall system is available for companies with suitable opportunity and facilities to become licensed installers both in the UK and abroad.

Mark Laurence is also a renowned designer and horticulturalist, with 30 years of experience creating sustainable landscapes and an accomplished speaker on sustainability and vertical greening.   Once you have a good and reliable system, living walls are all about plants and selecting the right plant for the aspect is key, as is knowing how plants interact on the vertical plane.  Vertology usually provides the plant palette and design for its walls.  Where the system is being first used in a new climate or region, a series of test walls will be set up to trial and find the most suitable range of plants.

We aim to promote a verdant, biophilic and sustainable future for our urban environments.