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Vertology Living Walls

Living walls for sustainable urban greening

Vertology offers a sound and sustainable approach to green walls using our unique modular hydroponic system Viridiwall  This is based on a decade of product design, hands-on approach to horticulture and extensive experience creating living walls in a variety of climate zones.

Viridiwall has been designed with optimal plant health in mind. We have focused on optimising healthy root zones, air-water balance, nutrient regimes and good drainage with minimal water usage.  Viridiwall is robust, flexible and industry reliable.

  • Hydroponic for optimum plant health
  • Modular panels with revised plant spacing
  • Lowest known water consumption
  • Shown to improve air quality
  • Pre-grown to optimise plant establishment
  • Built on extensive international experience
  • Global patents pending

How we work

In the UK, we produce pre-grown green wall panels in our 4000 sq. m automated greenhouse.  Projects are installed and maintained by trained and approved landscape contractors.  We offer in-house workshop training on living wall design, installation and maintenance regimes. Overseas, we work with suitable companies who act as supplier and installer; we like to maintain close links with all our partners and assist with plant trials, training, project assessment and design.

If you have a living wall project or would like to discuss becoming one of our approved installers, please do contact us – we look forward to working with you.

Vertology living walls